• Only 38% of Sub-Saharan Africans have access to power
  • There is a need for renewable energy to feed education and economic growth
  • Hydro power has decreased in reliability due to increasing drought
  • Electricity demand in Sub-Saharan Africa is increasing by more than 10% annually
  • People and businesses need more reliable and cost-effective electricity
  • That’s where AEDC comes in..


AEDC’s mission is to improve the lives of Africans in the following ways:

  • Create meaningful impact and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Help Africans achieve economic growth and prosperity by providing affordable renewable energy solutions
  • Improve air quality by reducing the need for fossil fuels
  • Improve power quality and reliability for African people, companies and institutions
  • Promote a high standard of living by providing economic opportunities to African people and communities.


Who is AEDC?

AEDC develops, builds and operates solar PV projects in East Africa.

  • Our team has many years of experience including development of over 1,250 MW of now operating wind and solar projects in North America.
  • AEDC completed development and financing of the Malindi Solar project, East Africa’s first large solar project.  This is a 52 MWp solar PV project (total investment of USD $69M) set on 450 acres west of Malindi, Kenya.
  • AEDC has additional large sites in development in Kenya.
  • AEDC helps commercial and industrial customers in Kenya by offering a cheaper and more reliable source of power and allowing customers to better manage and control their biggest business expense
  • We can offer you different options to best suit your business or operation, including solar, storage and geothermal electricity


Is Solar Right For Your Community or Organization?

  • Commercial electricity customers in Kenya today are faced with increasing costs for a less attractive product
  • Electricity supply is not as reliable as customers need or as clean as customers want
  • Customers are paying escalating fuel costs for diesel and thermal power when cheaper and better quality green power is available
  • The price of grid-electricity is expected to continue to increase over time
  • In remote areas, electricity supply may not be available from the grid
  • ... or communities are not able to connect to the grid for a reasonable cost

What other options are there?

Solar! Storage and renewable energy technologies!

Why Choose Solar?

  • Reduced Cost of electricity
  • Predictable Cost
  • Easy and Flexible
  • Unlimited and Reliable
  • Renewable Energy
  • Customers appreciate business that are reducing air pollution and the impact of climate change

What AEDC Can Offer Customers:

  • Technical and financial assessment to determine what best suits your energy needs – technology and size/configuration
  • We review all technology options including solar, wind, geothermal and battery storage
  • Cost-effective solutions that is lower than the price you are currently paying to the utility or for generator use
  • Pricing will be much cheaper in the long term
  • Improve reliability and quality of power you receive
  • Implement battery storage to offset diesel generation costs

AEDC Financing Options:

  • Customers can purchase equipment and AEDC will complete engineering, procurement and installation; or
  • AEDC can offer equipment financing on 5 yr., 10 yr., 15 yr. or 20 yr. lease-to-own basis
  • AEDC provides regular service and maintenance during lease term and offers continued service afterward
  • Customer owns equipment at the end of financing term
  • Equipment expected to operate for 20 years or longer

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